Our meeting under the acronym « GEEKYACHTING »,

Dominique MACHTELINCKX and myself Richard MARTEL, having previously participated in multihull development with FC4 international, more recently with Tera-4, and then separately with other naval company, on design, refit and yacht management

The birth of FACE matured in our heads in 2017,

Always in contact, we decided to create our own brand under the name "FACE, Free Air Cushion Effect", our choice, to develop "FACE in trimaran version". Our meeting allowed, after personal reflections to make appear, correct and improve the faults notified by our different adventures as well as the remarks or discussions made by the different people, customers, personal sites, ship-owners, classification society, etc... Design a stable, economical boat, create a product of prestige, quality and safety, a powerful product and style different from the traditional, hence the choice of multihull.

Below are three units on which we have worked

The FACE is wide, which gives it a very high stability, whether in navigation or anchorage, a large deck surface exploitable, without equivalent for this size, maximum versatility. Conceived as a "platform" functional and modular, it can, according to the intended use, receive without heavy adaptation, most of the facilities and equipment to adapt to programs as varied as:
- Fishing leisure, fishing Pro,
- Diving,
- Light easement, assistance, surveillance,
- Boat taxi, fast Shuttle, transport of people with reduced mobility,

The FACE can be propelled by two, three or four engines, of the masses on three shells, asymmetrical for the outer shells, allows taking advantage of the stability provided and the ground effect generated by the two tunnels to benefit from less water (hydrodynamic drag). This results in a significant reduction in fuel consumption

The FACE trimaran with these three similar shells, combines the hydrodynamic and aerodynamic advantages, the combination of these two innovations makes it significantly reduce consumption and to obtain a confusing stability,

The design of these 3 shells allows a reduced draught, hence a small displacement of water,

The Aero lift effect of these 2 tunnels, allows to sustain the boat and so to reduce friction and displacement. this soil effect "Dope " the levitation of the boat and allows it to sail on an air cushion that cushioned the "roughness " of the body of water and improves the comfort in navigation as well as the performance.

To the request of GEEKYACHTING, and following a first contact, we have done, after exchanges, a first draft, the FACE45 SBPAX50 luxury speed boat, which allowed us to present this one at the show "BOAT SHOW PUKET 2019",

We have worked as a priority on,
- FACE45 SBP50 luxury speed boat version, following the contact of a shipowner from Phuket and the high demand Asian speed boat passenger transport. Several million passengers transported every year in Thailand alone.

- FACE40 SBP12 SUN version, following the request of a European expatriate residing in Phuket, with a higher degree of finish and the possibility of integrating a cabin.

- FACE33 ADVENTURE version, following a request for a commercial operation in the Gulf of St Tropez.

Extend the FACE range by proposing other projects and offer unique products, a range between 8 and 14 meters, built entirely of aluminium.
- FACE45 SBPAX50 Luxury Speed Boat
- FACE45 SBPAX30 Luxury Speed Boat
- FACE40 SBPAX12 Sun
- FACE40 SBPAX12 Roof

Performance, safety and comfort, "reflection" desired by the GEEKYACHTING design team, Les FACE, designed to sail, and enjoy the time spent during summer outings,

The GEEKYACHTING design team in perpetual evolution, assisted by partners,
KREATIVEDECKS (link www.kreativedecks.com), and OEUVRES VIVES (link www.oeuvresvives.com), has enabled the design of innovative shells, and surprising results in terms of performance and manoeuvrability.

The low draught and the installation of outboard motors facilitates the exploration of each parcel of the coastline, reaching different destinations near the coasts. The important element of a FACE boat is the freedom of use in normal weather and sea conditions.

FACE relies on the expertise available on the market, developing a know-how composed of skilled craftsmen and renowned high-end suppliers.
- KREATIVEDECKS. (link www.kreativedecks.com)
- OEUVRES VIVES ARCHITECTURE NAVALE. (link www.oeuvresvives.com)